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Happy 96th Birthday Mom

Happy Birthday Mom! 96 is a lot of birthdays and too many candles so we’ll just put one on top of the cake. We’re hoping you can have a lot more but matching your mom’s 111 may be too much to ask. You’re still full of vigor, and watching you makes us all want to keep going with you.

You’re the most natural creature I know (besides my dogs) – simply living, being here, doing what needs to be done to the best of your ability. Without saying a word, your presence inspires others to do their best. And smiling, always smiling, and laughing, with every joy and through every hardship. It’s all part of life, your laugh seems to say. Work as hard as you can, but know when to surrender, let go, and take the ride.

To others you’re a super woman. You embody Nana-korobi, Ya-oki – fall down seven times, get up eight. You’ve survived a lot of tough times and you’re still here. But to me you’re just mom. That’s all, and that’s everything.

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