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Welcome - ようこそ 


My family came from Japan to the United States in March 1953. My mother was isolated as a foreigner, a legal status that was to change when she became an American citizen a few years later. But the treatment she endured as an Asian continued. She was insistent that her children not be treated the same and instilled in us the confidence that we belonged in the U.S. as much as anyone else. Still, we...


The simple prayer: Oh my God, I am here; We are here; You are here, is a practice of uniting in vulnerability and humility to our true, whole selves, our interconnectedness, and the spiritual world -- believing that our lives have a purpose and having faith that life is worthwhile. 

This is a screen shot from Shiawase 2020, a conference scheduled for Tokyo, that was held online, with me s...


“I sense that I’m having a strange, unknown experience. And it helps me to be closer to the feelings of those who suffer, to feel more intimate with them, even with just one word.”


My friend wrote this as she moved through the end stages of lung cancer. Today, perhaps we can understand a little of her feel...


幸せについてのトークやワークショップが行われる「Shiawase 2020」が、日本時間の3月20日9:00 〜18:00までオンラインで開かれます。僕が基調講演「ハートフルネスに生きる」でカリフォルニアから登壇します。(アメリカ西海岸時間の17:40-18:20)。




Learning without Teaching. This was one of Reverend Daiko Matsuyama’s messages from Zen that resonates with my approach to education. Matsuyama, head priest of Taizoin Temple in Kyoto, part of Myōshinji temple complex associated with the Rinzai school of Zen Buddhism, visited Stanford this week and talked about Zen monastic life in Japan and his path to becoming a monk.

He explains that Zen is an...


“I’ve been seeing a lot of 2’s lately,” my wife remarked casually. That night I woke up at looked at the clock: 2:22. “It’s grandma again,” we decided. She died on February 22 and around that time of year we always see lots of 2’s. Are they signals that she’s still around somehow, somewhere, in some form? It’s comforting to believe it. She always said we would be together forever, in each other’s...


In June 2019 I participated in the “What’s after mindfulness?” Urban retreat of the 11thGlobal conference on Buddhism in Berkeley, California. Our panel was “Beyond Mindfulness in Education.” My remarks were based in my experience as a professor, a teacher, counselor and researcher with late adolescents at prestigious universities (Harvard, Stanford, Tokyo University). The growing awareness of the...



What if instead of a State of the Union to talk about the health of the economy, our nation gave a State Of The Children, a moment where we reflected on humanity’s greatest resource and embodied future?

Father + futurist Mark Gonzales and I will engage in a bold & vulnerable conversation on what it means to be a parent in this era, who defines childhood and who gets to stay...


Judith Kajiwara will visit Stanford tomorrow, Wed, February 5th, for a conversation on Japanese Butoh. 1:30 PM-2:30 PM, Harmony House. Following that she'll do a workshop for my class, Heartfulness. 

OnenessButoh is a collective of community-based performing artists dedicated to using the contemporary Japanese dance form of Butoh to tell compelling stories of emotional depth and universality,...


Dr. Kamilah Majied will join me at Stanford tomorrow, February 4, for a Contemplative Celebration of Black History. Her interactive meditation session will offer opportunities to reflect and dialogue on the wisdom of interdependence as it relates to the relevance of Black history, culture, resilience, and experience of Black people influence all people's lives.This event if free and open to the pu...

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