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Welcome - ようこそ 


Happy Birthday Mom! 96 is a lot of birthdays and too many candles so we’ll just put one on top of the cake. We’re hoping you can have a lot more but matching your mom’s 111 may be too much to ask. You’re still full of vigor, and watching you makes us all want to keep going with you.

You’re the most natural creature I know (besides my dogs) – simply living, being here, doing what needs to be done to...


Many thanks for all the kind souls who took a moment in their precious lives to send me a birthday greeting. It’s a wonderful feeling to be remembered. But birthdays aren’t like in childhood, when just cutting the cake brought sheer joy. This time, when MLKing’s birthday came two days after mine, I reflected on what he said just hours before he was assassinated.

“Like anybody, I would like to live...


I woke up this morning and it’s my birthday! “What are you going to do to celebrate?” friends ask. Well, for starters, when I saw that there was no milk for my chai I used vanilla ice cream instead. I’ll just indulge myself like this all day. It’s all about ME! I, ME, MINE! “Everybody look at ME!”

I’m just a foolish male who has never carried a fetus in my body and given birth to a baby and also ha...


The advertisement promised that a person with credentials that they respect would give a lecture. Academic degrees from well-know universities, professorships, books, and awards promised that the talk would be full of authoritative knowledge. So people came to the talk to hear my knowledge and wisdom, hoping that it might do them some good. But what actually happened?

I think that I did my best to...


A happy birthday to my friend Isa and celebration of one more journey around the sun. This is how she expresses her way of living.

"I greet each new experience with greater gratitude, with less fear, and with a hunger for more."

In the Afterword to her 2007 memoir, The Power of Two, authored with twin Ana, she wrote:

"With each passing year, I learn more about myself, other people, what matters most,...


I'll be giving a one day workshop at the Palo Alto Buddhist Temple in California. The morning will focus on the developmental journey of becoming whole.  The identity struggles of mixed race people are a metaphor for universal human development of healing and becoming the person we were born to be. I have taught this subject in various courses at Stanford University, in psychology, anthropology, h...


Amazing and mysterious encounter with Yuichi Tei and Shunji Mitsuyoshi at University of Tokyo, Mathematical Engineering of Morality Emotions Lab, discussing the formidable challenge facing a new technology to install morality in robots! My role is to contribute to their understanding of what they call, Diversity and Morality: Crossing Borders with Engineering Approach, that promotes inclusion and...


What though the radiance which was once so bright
Be now for ever taken from my sight
Though nothing can bring back the hour
Of splendor in the grass, of glory in the flower
We will grieve not, rather find
Strength in what remains behind



Reflecting in public tonight in Tokyo, my birthplace, on how we transform our lives, say “YES” to life, with gratitude for the gift of life to those who brought us into this world, to those who nourished us, to those who came before us, and to those for whom we depend every day to sustain, guide, and support us. Please take a moment yourself to express your gratitude to those who gave you the gift...


Interested in Mindfulness and Design? Join us November 21 in Tokyo. I will be talking with Taro Kagami of hotel zen tokyo. For a preview, here’s an excerpt from an insightful article by WiL partner Takeshi Komatsubara. 「「今」に集中 創造力高める」(


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