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When I hear people telling others that they don’t belong and should go back to their country, it opens old wounds. I remember growing up in U.S. in the 50s and 60s when others intruded us, told us we didn't belong—to go "back to China!" As we came from Japan, that might have been funny for its ignorance if not filled with so much hatred and fear. 

We were children and looked to mom to know how to d...


My mother has osteoporosis. She falls sometimes and shatters bones. Pain, discomfort, and disability become part of life. She goes through long periods of recovery and rehabilitation. But she never complains. Mom bears her pain with dignity. Every time she falls she gets back up and moves on. No use in whining about how life is unfair and unkind—“That’s life,” she says by her way of being. You don...


I trust that you’re in a better place. If you were here you would be filled with grief and rage. You who spent so much of your life advocating for civil rights and Detroit's Black community that your FBI file described you as "probably Afro Chinese.” You who loved Jimmy Boggs who reminded us that revolutions are made out of love for people and for place because our ancestors' blood is in the soil...


Dad said that the Boy’s Club would be a good place to toughen up because it was full of all kinds of kids from different neighborhoods. He was right. I was scared and tried not to be noticed. But one day as I passed a group of kids they started whispering to each other, and someone spat out, “Jap!”  I could feel blood rushing to my head. My muscles tightened and I braced for danger. Someone else t...


We feel the joy of mentoring when your student becomes the teacher, writing a book that we need to read now. Breeshia Wade's, Grieving While Black, helps us to navigate the turbulent times filled with rage and grief. 

"The purpose of this book is to guide people towards freedom--not freedom in the individualistic, self-indulgent sense--but the type of freedom that stems from an honest relationship...


On June 12th, 1967, in Loving vs. Virginia, the U.S. Supreme Court struck down anti-miscegenation laws that were still active in 16 states at the time, that had barred marriages between "whites" and "non-whites". My parents couldn’t marry when they wanted to in 1947. They were in Japan, but they couldn’t have gotten married even if they had been in California. What a crazy world, treating people l...


In this catastrophic crisis of world collapse and shared vulnerability, an explosion of grief and rage has brought so many people to rise from apathy, cynicism, and callousness to a revolutionary consciousness. This spiritual activism springs from and is sustained by three vital connections with spirit, self, and other. I talked about this transformative moment for the Human Potential Lab in Japan...


At this volatile moment of grief and rage I believe that we need to renew our faith that compassion--uniting in suffering--will give us hope and courage. Purpose can emerge from pain. In this global crisis there is great danger but also the seed of transformation for ourselves and society. A bilingual talk June 4, 6pm Pacific and June 5, 10am Japan.

This is part of a series of talks by the Human Po...


Workshop: Wednesday, June 3rd at 2:00 PM via ZOOM

Please RSVP below and the Zoom link will be sent the day-of.

As part of our Healing Hearts Circle Series, Professor Kamilah Majied will join us for a healing moment of reflection and engagement at a time of grief and rage in our nation. Kamilah will lead a guided meditation to center us amidst the volatile situation in which we find ourselves, follow...


Where can a black man find a safe place? For the Compton Cowboys, their ranch is a place for staying alive and eradicating stereotypes. Traumatized people and traumatized horses come together in mutual healing where trauma is reconciled with the joy of riding horses. “The streets raised us; the horses saved us!” 

My former student, Walter Thompson-Hernandez, has written a beautiful story of a grou...

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