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Welcome - ようこそ 


I'll be doing the TED thing in Tokyo, talking about transforming lives, our own and others. My youthful transformation, that my amazed father called a "metamorphosis," moved me to spend my life helping young people, especially those who feel marginalized, to connect with their true selves, with other beings, and with the mystery of life. I've found that when we come together with vulnerability, hu...


I participated in a stimulating event in Tokyo last night where curious and hopeful people gathered to hear about mindfulness as taught at Stanford and positive psychology at Harvard. I've been involved in both, so am reflecting deeply on what each may offer people in these troubled times to feel more peaceful, compassionate and alive. While they have different perspectives and methods, integratin...


Interesting talk tonight in Tokyo by colleague Mikio Shishido and Mayumi Naruse on courses in mindfulness and positive psychology at Stanford and Harvard that help students transform their lives. In anticipation of the discussion, that includes my work, I am reflecting on my career so that I can better understand how mindfulness and positive psychology can give the world what is needed for people...





"In this age of the individual, this was an event that made us deeply feel how Buddhism and Zen, which have always been with Japanese people, making mindfulness easier to accept, are even...


Drawing strength this morning from a friend who faced death with peaceful equanimity. As a teacher the past few days I shared the life lessons from Chio as she moved toward her final destination. I'm feeling grateful to have such a guide in my life and the opportunity to pass along her teachings.

Chio tells her husband Soh that she accepts all of life as her destiny and God’s will. She is at peace....


Thanks to my friend Kai for sending me this photo from the Asia Society Museum in NYC on the day I heard that Daiwa Shobo will publish From Mindfulness to Heartfulness in Japanese. Although the road from imagining a story or idea you want to put into words and share with others to its publication as a book is long, grinding, and winding, these are the fruits of our labors that all writers hope for...


The theme of Connectedness brought hundreds of people to Kenchoji in Kamakura for the annual Zen 2.0 conference. In the opening session I told a story about a fire in my youth that left me with no material possessions but my guitar. Facing my vulnerability awakened me to the truth that I needed to restore broken connections in my life. These connections were revealed to me in this prayer:

Oh my god...


When I was a young man in my 20's, I watched helplessly one dark winter night as a fire destroyed my home, along with all that I owned (except my guitar!). It was a fire of purification that enabled me to realize my vulnerability, brokenness and loss of connections with life. I saw more clearly how embracing life meant restoring the broken connections with the Universe, my whole self, and with all...


How do we go on living with unimaginable loss? Sharing the poignant message from Tomohiro Takei. My English translation follows.



Today is the third anniversary of my son’s passing.

It has now been two years....


Happy birthday wishes to Akemi Johnson and congratulations on her book, Night in the American Village. We met early in the process and I was so impressed with her adventure and writing that I wrote her remarkable life story and published it in my book, When Half is Whole. Here is an excerpt:

"Wisdom is seen as passing from elders to youth, but elders can learn from the struggles of youth. So...

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