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For the past 20 years Stanford University has been the base of his teaching and research as a scholar-practitioner in diverse fields. His classroom is a lab where transformative learning is designed and developed as healing community. He has designed and conducted 18 original courses, numerous academic programs, and collaborated with artists and scientists in the university and community. The fruits of his labor are manifest in the lives of students whose personal growth contributes to the transformation of societies around the world.

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Stanford University

Heartfulness at Stanford University

     Heartfulness at Stanford is a program of courses, workshops, and fellowships that nourish the human need for connectedness and enhance growth in the context of community.   

     Our courses for students seeking integrative and transformative learning are grounded  in connected knowing, appreciative inquiry, and creative expression. We integrate diverse sources of knowledge, including indigenous, women's, and spiritual wisdom with current scientific methods and evidence.

    Events with community artists and healers address personal and collective struggles for spirituality and social justice. Our intimate gatherings and workshops explore the artist's journey in creative living as they share vulnerable and authentic spaces with students. 

     Our fellowships provide opportunities for advanced study and teaching practice in the U.S. and Japan.

     The fruits of our work are published in research articles, books, and blogs for professionals and the general public.

Healing HeArts Circles

We host Healing HeArts Circles, a series of intimate gatherings and workshops with artists exploring their journeys of spiritual healing and empowerment in individual and community contexts. A rare opportunity to share vulnerable and intimate space with artists whose creative work expresses our human diversity and oneness.

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