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Your inner dog

Following a workshop on Heartfulness in Japan a high school student handed me this drawing and told me how glad she was to join the event. She told me about how she was usually so busy with assignments and worries about failing. In the workshop she noticed the importance of being mindful and living more in the present reality and less in the uncontrollable future. It was heartening to hear her say that she wants to be gentler and kinder to herself and others.

She also wrote, "I also thought you are a dog than a human." That gave me a good laugh. I didn't ask her to explain but I know that dogs live in ways that I seek to live. Dogs are mindful, present, awake, aware, accepting, and alive in the moment. Dogs just want to have fun and love (and eat!). They are loyal and compassionate. Dogs give their love unconditionally with their unprotected hearts and have endless positive regard for us undeserving humans. So I thank her for seeing my inner dog and hope you develop yours too.

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