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Me, Thee, and We

I came here for me

then saw I was here for thee

and me became we

People gather for their own self interests and healing. But in groups that provide refuge they find that if their reasoning mind can momentarily cease clinging and grasping, just let go and be there, something wonderful happens. This beginner's mind is experienced as awakening into the wisdom with which one was born and genuine compassionate energy arises.

The possibility for compassionate concern for others is present in all of us, but is usually mixed with the sense of ego and so becomes confused with the need to satisfy one’s own cravings for approval, recognition, and empathy. We're caught in our habitual patterns that create tension and inhibition in our action.

Spontaneous compassion arises when action is done without the business-deal mentality and we experience transcendental generosity. Being in a group based in shared vulnerability gives the possibility of embodying what seems like a flash of revelation or enlightenment. We transcend our crippling victim consciousness, connecting with another, finding living in the giving.

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