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Letting go and loving more

How do we let go of one we love? We don't. We never, never, never let them go.

We don't move on. We don't get over it. We just love more.

One of Isa's lessons on saying goodbye is that art is healing; art is medicine.

"When something or someone dies a burst of creativity is often born. In this photo and accompanying poem I was able to express how I felt spending five hours a day on medical treatments. Art has helped me not only to say goodbye to my loved ones, but also to my own health, ability, and beauty.

In my 30s when I became too sick to work my sister and I embarked on writing our twin memoir. We wanted to document the symbiotic bond and also to tell stories of our cystic fibrosis friends who had died. By writing about them we could bring them back to life. Writing enabled me have a little bit of control over all the uncontrollable past and help me reorganize and gain perspective on what I had been through. . . Writing allows people who are grieving to have a voice and find some power over their pain.

Saying goodbye means finding a way to acknowledge that people come and go in our lives but they leave permanent imprints in our characters. We inherit traits from everyone who crosses our paths and touches our hearts."

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