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"I see you, son"

In the film, Avatar: The Way of Water, Jake struggles to raise two boys. The older one, Neteyam, Jake sees as the perfect son, while the younger one, Lo'ak, he sees as a bad kid who is nothing but trouble. Lo'ak acts out by repeatedly defying Jake's commands, making it hard for his father to fulfill his stated purpose of protecting his children.

But when Neteyam dies Jake realizes the bitter truth that he can't control many things in life. He experiences vulnerability, opening his heart to the possibility of transformation in seeing the world differently, with beginner's mind. And when Lo'ak saves his life Jake is finally able to see his son, to know him, understand him, as he is, not as the son Jake wanted or not in comparison to the older son. He looks Lo'ak in the eye, seeing his beauty as if for the first time, and says, "I see you, son."

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05 de dez. de 2023

Cuts to the quick of awakening a parental heart!

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