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Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic? Or miracles? Do you see meaning in signs that might be sent from those who have passed on?

I was walking down the road thinking of my friend Isa and the trials she is going through and of her twin and my friend Ana who left us a while back. Suddenly there on the ground in front of me was the body of a butterfly. I stopped and remembered.

Ana loved butterflies and at the event honoring her life we were given live butterflies in little boxes. At the end of the ceremony we went outside and released 100 butterflies. It was a mysteriously beautiful sight to see butterflies fill the air and remember Ana. Then we realized that 99 had flown away and one remained. It was there lingering on the finger of her husband Trent.

What do you make of this? Nothing? Well I for one won't blame you if you believe in Something. Even if you can't prove it, but sense it's truth, and surrender to the Mystery and uncertainty, drawing courage from this deep faith in living and dying, life and death.

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