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Blue Lotus

Updated: Nov 5, 2021

Making my acting debut tomorrow in Blue Lotus, an audio play written and directed by Elaine Lai with co-direction and sound design by Cahron Cross. The play is “a tribute to the heartfelt conversations we’ve had throughout this terrible pandemic, and a gesture towards the kind of compassionate Buddhism that we’ve collectively dreamed of bringing into being, one in which all parts of our complex stories are included, seen, and integrated.”

I play the Old Man, and “all I gotta do is act naturally.” The old man lives in the woods and provides refuge for the young woman, Blue Lotus, who he finds lost and sick. They heal each other, loving and letting go. She moves on to face the challenges in her life, while the old man remains in the woods, going gently into the good night.

Listening premeire at Stanford University, Elliott Program Center, Nov 6, 3:00 pm

Listen online:

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