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Appreciating her last hurrah

The tree doctor gives the death sentence for my ailing cherry.

It won’t survive another year.

Enjoy her one last time.

But fears invade

How can I enjoy, knowing she is dying?

How can I stop the thoughts that this is the last time?

How can I enjoy, imagining what it will it be like watching her decay and fade away?

How can I stop worrying about what spring will be like without her?

I take a breath.

I am here.

I am not in the past or future.

Life is now, in the present moment.

The tree is here.

The blossoms are beautiful.

WE are here.

In the wonder and awe, the deep mystery,

YOU are here.

I take a breath.

Yes, like the blossoms, I too am dying.

We are all dying.

So feel life in every breath.

Live in every cup of tea.

Walk on the earth.

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