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Nature Boy Returns

I left my home as a child

To wander the woods alone

Escaping from the humans

So lovely yet so savage

Sniffing the earth and flowers

Bathing in shades and sunbeams

Serenaded by birds’ songs

Lulled by the burbling of streams

Shedding my garments of cloth

For thrills of water on skin

Streaking naked through the woods

Wild and free in ecstasy

Much happened to that young boy

Who frolicked and laughed with joy

Life was full of mirth and pain

Grief and loss but rich with gain

Now so free, nearing the end

The road brings me back again

To the home I always knew

That was hidden from my view

Nature Boy of long ago

Returns to the woods at last

Seeking the lost connection

Finding god among the trees

The world’s alright without me

While I sit here in silence

Knowing that I am human

And sensing that I am not

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