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Yes, you too can meditate!

Confined to our homes, we dream of being in beautiful places. A peaceful garden like the one in Kenchoji in Kamakura, Japan, is a wonderful place to sit and meditate. But the reality is that even then you might find it difficult to calm your mind and still your thoughts. Some people find that it’s easier when someone leads them through the process. I’ve recorded a few guided meditations and posted them on my website. You might want to listen and practice to see if it works for you.

This one is focused attention meditation—a mindfulness practice that enables us to calm our minds when we’re feeling stressed, overwhelmed, or distracted, by resting attention on a single focal point. Many people say that meditation is too hard—their busy mind won’t stop—but in this practice you don’t have to cease all thought, you simply direct your attention, becoming aware when your mind has wandered, and then redirecting your focus. You can use this focused attention practice to start or end your day, or whenever you want to bring more calm and focus to what you’re doing.

Here’s the link:

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