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Happy Easter

For some people Easter may be no more than chocolate rabbits and painted eggs but the Resurrection story has profound meaning for all of us. It follows an agonizing surrender to the mystery of what we are called to do and the suffering it may bring as we act and carry out our mission. It reveals how service to others, even sacrifice, can be the way we find meaning and purpose in living.

Resurrection means that rebirth is possible for those who have faith in the value and meaning of life, even in the face of despair and death. We need to trust that life is a mystery which reveals itself in our ongoing encounter with the world. We can even be raised from spiritual death to new life, to be reborn, to live again, in a way that every experience holds a new promise and meaning.

When we learn to go deep within ourselves, creative energy erupts and our lives are resurrected. With our compassionate heart, love is boundless and we discover and build dynamic ways of being, becoming who we were born to be. The resurrection is followed by a return home in peace to a love that is stronger than death.

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