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We're jammin

Still jammin after all these years. Found this old photo with Nobuyuki Ueda from our younger days when we were students of education and psychology. Over the years we've gotten together whenever we can to create fun times playing music. But Nobuyuki has made it his career to bring music and other arts into his philosophy of education. He hasn't changed since our youthful days and has become the ultimate teacher and model of playful thinking, bringing fun to learning.

At his Party of the Future in May we renewed our musical partnership and with Shin Ikesue and his group Soulmatics, experienced the joyful connectedness we feel through music. Our whole community were brought together and came alive through the awakening experience of soulful music. Now we're designing a talk/live event where we experience Heartful Community, where people see each other and release the songs in their heart.

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