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Set Free

At that moment a strong sense of knowing dropped down into me. I understood a picture of the pattern of life, how it works again and again. Strands were interwoven like an undulating piece of cloth lying down or the strands of DNA structures standing up. Time continuing, spiraling on, with all things connected. It was clear that we all have the chance to carry forward the wisdom we have gained or to decide not to. We can or we cannot, but it seemed best if we did; then threads in the cloth could reach across, make their connection and not get lost.

This is a passage I love from Set Free, a book I received from author Emma Slade, also known as Pema Deki, in an unforgettable encounter at the After Mindfulness event in Berkeley last weekend. I'm inspired to do more with my life from the story of her incredible life-changing journey from banking to Buddhist nun, yoga teacher and founder of charity “Opening your heart to Bhutan”

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