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Golden boy

Our golden boy Duke passed away a year ago. Many of you know the heartache that is felt when a beloved companion departs this world. I believe that he didn't want to go, but had to, because that's what we all do--living and dying, coming and going, loving and leaving. He did what he needed to do here and was called away, leaving me with the challenge of making meaning of it all, or at least just moving on.

I know that he was a wonderful creature who taught me about unconditional, undefended love. Now I have to practice loving without him. It was so easy loving Duke; it's a lot harder with humans. I remember him every day. My heart hurts and I cry a little, missing his physical presence, especially when I come home and he's not there to greet me and I'm reminded that he's gone. And though I don't understand it, I draw strength in trusting that he is well, picturing him running through fields of flowers, still by my side, or imagining that he lives on in me.

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