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You are everywhere

For Sweet Duke on the anniversary of his leaving

I don't want to live

If living is without you

If you're not with me

Your beauty I can't see

Though I am so sad

It's really not a bad thing

To feel the way you feel

That's what makes us real

I don't want to feel

only sad and lonely

I want to see more clear

That always you are near

I know that letting go

Is how we go on living

How we make new lives

See life with fresh eyes

Accepting what can't change

What we need to live with

Is how we find the heart

to live with what's too hard

(to make another start)

You taught me love survives

It lives in joy and sorrow

Though we might be sad

Love makes our hearts feel glad

Now I want to live

with you here beside me

I see you everywhere

For always you are there

I know that you live on

In love that keeps on giving

I feel you in the air

for you are everywhere

Your presence fills my eyes

Though I can't see you

Love is all around

My humbled heart's unbound

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