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Wellbeing in Japanese corporations

Nikkei Business reported (Jan 6) on the growing emphasis on sustainability and wellbeing in corporate management in Japan. I see this in my work with companies like Kyocera which are actively seeking to nurture the wellbeing of their employees and see this as part of their mission. They recognize that young people want to feel a sense of purpose in their work, knowing that they are contributing to some greater good beyond their own interests. Leadership wants to meet the growing needs of workers who see their jobs as part of a healthy and meaningful way of living.

I'm finding that CEO's and managers want to be transformative, caring for their own well being as the foundation of caring for the wellbeing of their colleagues. They're engaging in the study and practice of a way of leading represented in the Kyocera motto of Kazuo Inamori: "Revere Heaven and Love People." This openness to embracing the power of compassion brings infinite possibilities to how we might live and work together in the rapidly evolving world today.

[Global Intelligence] New VUCA: What Kyocera is Learning, and What is Required of Corporate Leaders in the Future

2023/01/06 17:00 Nikkei Business Digital Edition

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