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Trees of the Temple

The trees in the temple garden were scarred and yet still growing. Some had been split in half, burned, or shattered. But the wounds had healed and they had recovered from their traumas. Where they were weak, they were supported. Instead of being destroyed they were seen as valuable, their vulnerability recognized and the necessary aid given. With that help they continued to thrive with beauty and grace.

I saw us in those trees—struggling to age gracefully as we’re torn apart, split in half, and covered in moss. As we suffer loss after loss, we need more support to keep going and have to accept our weakening body and diminished dreams.

But if we’re fortunate, we have received so much from so many creatures and have the responsibility to give back in some way, to keep moving on despite the setbacks. In giving we also receive the kindness of others. And with a little help from our friends we continue to reach for the sun, growing new leaves, providing shade for the weary pilgrim.

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