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The doggie month

November is my doggie month. That's because it's the eleventh month and the number "one" sounds like a dog's bark in Japanese, "wan." So 11 is

"wan, wan." And today is 11/1 so "wan, wan, wan." It's a fun way to remember my doggies. When I glance at the digital clock and it uncannily seems to always read, "1:11" or "11:11," I imagine they are giving me a sign that they are mysteriously there, somewhere, and I smile, maybe even talk with them, tell them I miss them.

November is also the month I got my first dog, Sophie, and lost my second dog, Duke. So I remember with tears of sadness, and joy, tears of gratitude. Those were the good old days -- some great adventures and many days of just going through life together. The loss brought me to my knees, but our years together were filled with joy and fun to the good times with family and friends and the doggies were a great comfort and support through some of the darkest times.

This poem expresses my feelings of being unable to see and touch them, yet sensing their presence.

Unable to perceive the shape of you,

I find you all around me.

Your presence fills my eyes with your love.

It humbles my heart,

For you are everywhere.

ーHakim Sanai

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