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The Art of Living and Dying

THE ART OF LIVING & DYING: Lessons from a 111 year-old Japanese grandmother - My session is at 12pm PT, February 18.

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My grandmother taught me many lessons in living a good life. I realize now that these ways of living were also present in her way of dying. She lived till 111 so aging and dying was a long process for her that I was fortunate to witness. Reflecting on her long life I see that by learning how to live well we are also learning how to die well. Awareness of death can transform our life. The art of living and the art of dying are intricately and intimately connected.

In this class, we will come together and share a brief moment in our lives to reflect on these lessons in living and dying from an ordinary person who lived an extraordinary life. I will share what I understand of the wisdom in how she lived and how she died. I believe that in these times where fear, loss, and grief fill our lives the guidance of our elders and ancestors can illuminate our path and help us move forward in the darkness.

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