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Taking a Resiliency Pause

"How do you find calm when there is so much stress and struggle with no clear end in sight? I want to share what has been helpful to me and thousands of people."

A resiliency pause means that, when we are faced with distress, we take a pause and ask ourselves this question: “Who or what is helping me get through this difficult time?” It is like what Mr. Rogers’s mother told the young Fred: Look for the helpers. In a resiliency pause, the helpers are not limited to people, but include pets, animals, places, events and beliefs. It can be anything that makes you feel better.

The resiliency pause is not about denying the challenges that we are experiencing. Rather, it reminds us that the helpers exist within each of us even in a moment of distress. What’s more, we can call them to our mind whenever we need and wherever we are.

My colleague Dr. Nobuko Hattori writes of the health benefits of the resiliency pause.

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