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So this is Christmas

So this is Christmas

War's not over, just begun

Can we still have fun?

Writing haiku from the Lennon/Ono Christmas song, War is Over, sung with the Harlem Community Choir in 1971. Remembering the outrage at the horrific Christmas Eve mass bombings in Vietnam 50 years ago. Remembering how we believed that war would end and peace would come "if you want it."

Reflecting on celebrating holidays while being aware of the suffering that is all around us.

Some people gather with loved ones, rejoicing that we are still here and together. Many cannot and must draw strength in memories, cherishing love that is eternal. If there are others near and dear we can sit closely and truly see and listen, recognizing each other as human beings who are sad, lonely, fragile, and also joyful, giving, and loving.

Although it's hard we can begin with embracing the pain and sorrow, the loss of those no longer with us. We can feel gratitude for what we have had, what we still have and the new lives among us. In grieving we may also find courage in what remains behind and the solace that springs out of human suffering, the faith that looks through death. The holidays are a time to take refuge, sing "Joy to the World," and enjoy a moment of peace.

Breathe in -- "I am here."

Breathe out -- "I let go of fear."

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1 Comment

Karin Evans
Karin Evans
Dec 25, 2022

Thanks≤ as always for your lovely reflections. Happiest of holiday celebrations to you and yours. Karin

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