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One Blue Sky

A long time, in 1985, I was excited to sing just before Jesse Jackson's talk at a World Peace event commemorating the atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. When my dad died I bowed out and returned home for the funeral, overcome by feelings of love for the world and its expression in the love of one person special in my life.

My song was "My Rainbow Race" by Pete Seeger. The words are still true today and encourage us to keep fighting to save the world we love for the benefit of all beings.

One blue sky above us

One ocean lapping all our shores

One earth so green and round

Who could ask for more

And because I love you

I'll give it one more try

To show my rainbow race

It's too soon to die.

Some folks want to be like an ostrich,

Bury their heads in the sand.

Some hope that plastic dreams

Can unclench all those greedy hands.

Some hope to take the easy way:

Poisons, bombs. They think we need 'em.

Don't you know you can't kill all the unbelievers?

There's no shortcut to freedom.

Go tell all the little children.

Tell all the mothers and fathers too.

Now's our last chance to learn to share

What's been given to me and you.

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