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Look what I can do!

Making something new

Lights a flame inside of you

Look what I can do!

In this haiku I wanted to capture the joy that appears on my face as I make my first pizza. It surprised me to feel it in that moment and surprised me again to see it in the photo. The smile emerged from the simple act of doing something I'd never done before. Making a pizza in an outdoor oven, among friends, just being together. Creating something tangible, useful, shareable.

Is this beginner's mind? The joy that a child feels when doing something new? The awesome sensation of making something or doing something that you've never done before? The realization that your life is rich when it's full of creative acts. Finding joy in simple pleasures is a path to wellbeing. Humans have known this forever, and each day challenges us to find new ways of realizing it. What's next for me and you?

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