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Just the glow remains

Holidays over

They were here and now they're gone

Just the glow remains

Holidays are a time we take a break from the life we've been living. We glimpse and remember what once was but can never be again. Beautiful memories are revived along with heartaches. We catch a dream, try to hold on, and watch it fall from through our desperate grasp, leaving only the present reality to face courageously.

And then holidays are over and we're here. Maybe it's too sad to bear; maybe it's a great relief; maybe it's both. It's time to move on--get back to work--return to what we normally do. Our job may look different now. Maybe a clearer sense of purpose is revealed. Perhaps a renewed commitment to finding connections through our work with our deeper selves, with others, and with something greater than all us.

The glow from the holidays may warm our smiles, move us to small acts of kindness, and open our eyes to truly see others, filling our hearts with gratitude.

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Jan 04, 2023


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