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"It's never too late!"

"We have a lot of fun . . . it is never too late to just take your first step or even speak your first words."

I take these words of wisdom to heart, reminding myself that in our struggles there is an invincible joy--we can learn and have fun. A beautiful smile emerges through our tears. And we can believe that it is never too late to be more than who we have become by having the courage to take that first step or speak our first, true words from our heart.

Dakari knows how hard it can be to walk and talk. He worked hard to be able to do these things. But he doesn't think much about having cerebral palsy, and doesn't let it define who he is. He says, "It's normal for me, I think it's just the special way that I show myself."

Thank you Dakari, for just being you.

(With father Akasha, on World Celebral Palsy Day.)

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