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Is this the time of your rebirth?

As we emerge back into the world from our corona cocoons we may feel a special sense of wonder this Easter. For some of us, our long separation from life as we knew it is over. We peek out and venture slowly into the sunlit streets, shops, and fields where we once walked. Returning to the things once known we may find that they have lost their dull familiarity and are now seen anew with a freshness that fascinates and exhilarates. Seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary, sensing awe and wonder in the most mundane.

In our return we see things as if for the first time. This sense of “beginner’s mind” makes everything new, anything possible. If we felt half dead for a long time we may have thought we were just hibernating but discover that we were transforming in our cocoon. Now is the time to become a butterfly.

We may finally be aware of the miracle of our own existence—this precious human life, and our responsibility to care for it. Our ability to respond to our needs may extend to service for others. Beginner’s mind is the way of compassion as we see not only ourselves but also our connections with others and our mutual needs and offerings.

Ichi-go, Ichi-e is a way of being—alive, awake, attentive, and appreciative of the most ordinary things that fill our daily lives. Infinite possibilities to be grateful, feel oneness and peace. We sense that this, and every other moment, is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to truly live fully. Awakened at last, we notice things we once took for granted, just weren’t aware of.

And on Easter where we talk of God and miracles might we be awakened to a sense of mystery so profound that it unites the religious with the non-religious. After losing so much will the hidden gifts of our suffering now be revealed? Awakened, will this be the time of our rebirth? Like the Easter story of resurrection, joy may arise from the depths of our sorrow. We sense the brilliance of light when we emerge from darkness, blinded at first but learning to see.

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