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Happy birthday bell hooks

Remembering her on her first birthday since she left us. We're the same age so when I think of her I hear her telling me to have the courage to say what needs to be said. To do it now, because this moment is all we have and there may not be many more.

She wrote this of her friend and the words seem true for the way we feel about her too:

Death has left us loving her completely . . . We are so much more able to embrace the loss of intimate loved ones and friends when we know that we have given our all--when we have shared with them that mutual recognition and belonging in love which death can never change or take away. Each day I am grateful for having known a love of that enables me to embrace death with no fear of incompleteness or lack; with no sense of irredeemable regret. That is a gift you gave. I cherish it; nothing changes its value. It remains precious.

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