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Glad to be Born!

Did you ever why you’re here –what it’s all about?

What better day than one’s birthday to ask. In a favorite film scene (It’s Hard to be a Man) a teen asks his uncle this question: “What are we humans here for?”

His uncle (Torasan) is startled but tells the lad,

“There are times when we feel, ‘I’m glad I was born.’ There are times when we have that feeling Isn’t that why we’re living?”

He encourages the teenager to keep going because these moments will come for him too someday.

When I was young I wondered if these times would come for me, but they did. And I even found that I could feel this way every day, if I lived with a sense of gratitude. This feeling begins at the start of the day, grateful to be here, in this body, with another chance to live, to do what I can with what I’ve got. Glad to have received the gift of life. Glad to be born.

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