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Zen 2.0 Mindful Planet

We will have our 4th annual Zen 2.0 conference with all events in both Japanese and English, Sept 18-19 (US time); 19-20 (Japan time). My session on Heartfulness is with Sister Kathleen Reiley. For more information:

The 2020 Zen2.0 theme is “Mindful Planet” as we have the vision of sharing the planet in a spiritually enriching way with all of humanity, across all borders and race.With the entire human race being faced with unprecedented times with the pandemic, oddly enough many of us had the chance to mindfully introspect our daily lives. We believe in the possibility that “each of us living our lives with care” can lead to the regeneration of Mother Earth. We decided on this theme believing that having dialog, deepening and sharing the joy with everyone will further our learning.

We are looking forward to deepening our learning together with you!

Email me for discount tickets.(

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