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Farewell Lane Hirabayashi

Lost a brother when Lane Hirabayashi passed away. Lane's life story is in When Half is Whole. “For the community. ” You can read it here:

Lane was a pioneer in using the word hapa, to identify mixed Japanese Americans on the mainland, and in claiming “our” right to self definition. He was a dedicated scholar/activist who devoted his life’s work to research, writing, and teaching about the JA and Asian American communities. When he found out that I wanted to include his story in my book, When Half is Whole, he was humble as always, and told me he was honored. I’m so glad that I did this while he was still here so that he could see how valued his life was. We were allies in asserting our right to be both hapa and Japanese American. I miss him, but he lives on in the ripples his work continues to send out to others.

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