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My friend Manny

Remembering Manny my old friend

On National Friendship Day

A boy from long ago and far away

Whose memory will always stay

He wasn’t big and wasn’t strong

But stood tall when bullies called

Daring them to come and fight

Him on the left, me on the right

Why do kids hate me? I asked Dad

It’s the war son, that makes them bad

It wasn’t that, I came to know

Because they always let Manny go

His family was Italian

So he was white and he was in

And I wasn’t, they let me know

“Go back to China!”—I was their foe

I learned early that race is real

All alone, it made me feel

Needing a friend whose hand to hold

Together we were so bold

A friend doesn’t break and run

He stays with you through thick and thin

He lets you know he’s got your back

His spirit lifts you to face the attack

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