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Grieving While Black

We feel the joy of mentoring when your student becomes the teacher, writing a book that we need to read now. Breeshia Wade's, Grieving While Black, helps us to navigate the turbulent times filled with rage and grief.

"The purpose of this book is to guide people towards freedom--not freedom in the individualistic, self-indulgent sense--but the type of freedom that stems from an honest relationship with self in order to allow healthy connections with others. Most people turn to egotistical, selfish models of freedom because they feel trapped and powerless. Most people don't know what genuine liberation, let alone power, actually look like because they are too afraid to be painfully and deeply aware. They are afraid to die. Freedom isn't attained by ignoring or conquering fear: it is attained by moving through it."

​"Grief can either be used as a tool to bring us closer to ourselves, and each other, or it can tear us apart. We are so busy running from loss, like a child hiding from the boogeyman, that we don’t care who we knock down along the way, so long as sorrow stays far enough behind. But loss doesn’t need to be feared, and neither do we. When we choose to use mindfulness and meditation to not only become aware of our own grief and how it impacts our life, but to accept the inevitability of loss and of failure, we open ourselves up to new possibilities. We open ourselves up to beauty. To connection. To liberation and justice."

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