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Happiness in Troubled Times?

The simple prayer: Oh my God, I am here; We are here; You are here, is a practice of uniting in vulnerability and humility to our true, whole selves, our interconnectedness, and the spiritual world -- believing that our lives have a purpose and having faith that life is worthwhile.

This is a screen shot from Shiawase 2020, a conference scheduled for Tokyo, that was held online, with me speaking from my home office. I missed the excitement and connection of the live audience but was grateful that so many people in different parts of the world could be together in this way. I felt a heavy sense of responsibility to give something of value in these troubled times.

Shiawase means happiness, and I offered a vision of a way of living embracing joy and sorrow, that values the search for meaning over the pursuit of happiness. “Heartfulness” is being mindful, compassionate, and responsible, for self, other creatures, and mother earth. At this volatile and uncertain moment I think that many of us are opening with gratitude for what we are given and simply for the gift of life itself.

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