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State of the Children


What if instead of a State of the Union to talk about the health of the economy, our nation gave a State Of The Children, a moment where we reflected on humanity’s greatest resource and embodied future?

Father + futurist Mark Gonzales and I will engage in a bold & vulnerable conversation on what it means to be a parent in this era, who defines childhood and who gets to stay young, as well as innovative ways different nations are advancing the wellbeing of the littlest humans.

Mark Gonzales is a futurist bridging technology, culture, and human behavior. His work spans 15 countries and 20 years, bringing a unique global perspective to an increasingly interconnected world. Gonzales is a former visiting professor at Stanford and currently serves as the chair of the Department of The Future as well as a 2020 Citizen Fellow of the John F Kennedy Center. Introductions to his work can be found via social media at @markgonzalesco

7:00 pm Harmony House, Stanford University

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