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Japanese Butoh

Judith Kajiwara will visit Stanford tomorrow, Wed, February 5th, for a conversation on Japanese Butoh. 1:30 PM-2:30 PM, Harmony House. Following that she'll do a workshop for my class, Heartfulness.

OnenessButoh is a collective of community-based performing artists dedicated to using the contemporary Japanese dance form of Butoh to tell compelling stories of emotional depth and universality, evoking shared truths that cross cultural and social barriers. Storytelling erases barriers of social isolation, misunderstanding and judgment of ourselves and others by gently opening and stretching our hearts and minds.

Judith's Butoh workshops and performances encourage inner reflection, promote emotional healing; and collectively inspire an awakening consciousness among audiences of all backgrounds and from all communities.

Judith Kajiwara is artistic director of OnenessButoh. She also teaches a weekly hip hop dance workout for adults and is a Reiki (energy healing) practitioner and teacher.

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