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Design and Mindfulness

Interested in Mindfulness and Design? Join us November 21 in Tokyo. I will be talking with Taro Kagami of hotel zen tokyo. For a preview, here’s an excerpt from an insightful article by WiL partner Takeshi Komatsubara. 「「今」に集中 創造力高める」(


Komatsubara writes of the belief in Silicon Valley, as espoused in design thinking, that the first step is considering the customer's view. However, he questions whether someone in an overwhelmed state of mind can really understand another's perspective. He cites the relevance of my work in mindfulness, particularly regarding the importance of beginner's mind. The problem I acknowledge is that the more knowledge we gain, the more difficult it becomes to have beginner's mind. Therefore, to really focus attention on the present moment, we need to empty our thoughts, feel beginner's mind, and listen carefully to what the client is saying.

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