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Mindfulness and Positive Psychology

I participated in a stimulating event in Tokyo last night where curious and hopeful people gathered to hear about mindfulness as taught at Stanford and positive psychology at Harvard. I've been involved in both, so am reflecting deeply on what each may offer people in these troubled times to feel more peaceful, compassionate and alive. While they have different perspectives and methods, integrating their insights, wisdom, and practices could bring transformations to our personal lives and to our communities.

I was impressed by the interest of people -- although it was announced just a week before, 70 people came to listen to the talks. Some were familiar with the topics, but most were not and appeared hungry to know about what are becoming more commonly used words in society. Their questions showed their desire and need to find ways to handle their stress, feel greater wellbeing, and live more meaningfully.

Many asked where they can study more, encouraging me to continue to offer whatever I know from many years of research and practice. I sense more and more that it is a balance of different kinds of knowledge that will give us what we need. And this motivates me to do more to bring insights from cultural diversity to my practice and to teach this to others.

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