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感謝の心 A Grateful Heart

Drawing strength this morning from a friend who faced death with peaceful equanimity. As a teacher the past few days I shared the life lessons from Chio as she moved toward her final destination. I'm feeling grateful to have such a guide in my life and the opportunity to pass along her teachings.

Chio tells her husband Soh that she accepts all of life as her destiny and God’s will. She is at peace. But Soh can't understand.

“How can you be so bright and cheerful when you have such a serious illness?” he asks.

Chio smiles and replies,

“Because I am grateful for the kindness of those around me.”

She gives thanks to those who care for her, thanks for beauty, thanks for truth. Chio, an artist, notices and acknowledges the small things in life as blessings—a simple meal of rice and miso soup, the nurses who serve her, those who deliver her food, her sons and their wives, her natural medicine, her hospital medicine, morning exercise, reading a paper leisurely and living at home like a “heroine with her partner.”




 自分の世話をしてくれている人たちへの感謝、美への感謝、真理への感謝を抱いているのだ。芸術家の千緒は人生のちょっとしたことを喜ぶべきものと気づき、認めることができる—ごはんと味 汁というシンプルな食事、世話をしてくれる看護師、食事を運んでくれる人たち、息子たち夫婦、生薬、病院からの薬、朝の運動、ゆったりと新聞を読むこと、そして、「パートナーと共にいるヒロイン」のように家で暮らすこと。

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