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Heartful Leadership・Heartful Family

We are the leaders! I believe that this means we each have responsibility to lead, whether it's in family, community, work, school, club, or some other place. We can't relinquish responsibility to others who we think are more capable than we are because those persons too often seek power for the wrong reasons and lead us astray. You may not think you have what it takes to be a leader, but leadership can be quietly courageous and compassionate--it doesn't need to be loudly charismatic and dramatic. It can bevmore feminine than masculine.

With my old soul friend from Chicago, we're sharing our professional experience of over 40 years in helping people to be more connected with others through basic principles of communication and building intimacy. We have learned these ways of interacting through many years of serving others as teachers, counselors, and as parents. These skills are simple to learn and require mindful intention and daily practice.

We did workshops in Kamakura on May 11 and 13 and saw how much people are hungry for more intimate human relations. We all desire to be loved and to give love to others. We all want to live meaningful lives of finding and fulfilling our unique purpose as a human being.

There are a few spaces open if you want to come to Kyoto on May 19 to learn how to be a more heartful leader in your own way. Workshop is bilingual in Japanese and English. All registrants will receive a signed complimentary copy of my new book in Japanese: スタンフォード式最高のリーダーシップ.

Register here:

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