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♪Reunited, and it feels so good♪

♪Reunited, and it feels so good♪

An old song is going through my head. Together again, with Ronnie Harris, hearing how he's transforming in his twenties with the heartful learning that we did in community with wonderful friends. Ronnie and I were together through three different college courses that changed our lives. Since graduation, as he encounters challenges in moving from an identity as student-athlete to one that is constantly being created anew, he's feeling empowered by the healing journey we went through by engaging heart to heart with vulnerability and courage.

He talked about much his study of mindfulness and emotional intelligence is helping him as he navigates the stormy seas of his life. Ronnie reflected on how so much of formal education focuses on thinking processes, but he's finding that it's not deep enough and can even lead one off the right path: "I think that you need to listen to your brain and your heart independently at times, especially when trying to make decisions that dramatically influence the trajectory of your life."

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