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人間は、人の間で生きている We Live in Connection

My friend Tomohiro Takei posted this message on Facebook. I have translated it in hopes that it provides comfort to us as we face the losses that are a necessary part of living with courage and compassion.


そして、この1年のもがきの中で伴侶・子供・両親との死別。そんな悲しみや絶望に耐え忍んでいる人が、他の家々の灯りの下にも、珍しくないことに気づく。 誰もがこの道を通る。家族の死は避けられない。


ほろ苦く、切なく、美しい。 しかし、それが人生。












Yesterday was the first anniversary of my son's passing. Since then it's been one year--already one year. Writing down my thoughts, this is what came out.

Completely happy days were suddenly shattered--with no warning and with no one to blame. From that tragedy one year ago I learned that life includes such danger.

Bereavement for my partner, child, and parent. I realized that it's not unusual for people in other households to live bearing that kind of sadness and despair. We all walk that path. No family escapes death.

The more you love, the greater the sense of loss.

As the days of loss pass the struggles increase.

Watching my son's cute behaviors captured in video.

The happy faces of family. Their warm looks. A time of happiness.

A little painful, heartrending, beautiful. But that's life.

Life fills our crying hearts with cherry blossoms in full bloom. This kind of way of being has continued from ancient times. However, at the same time, our ancestors have worked hard, aiming for a world where there are a few more smiles.

And they have built a society where there are fewer injustices, fatal illnesses, crimes, and accidents. This is the result of various people in various places using their limited lives to stack pebbles one by one. I too want to participate in a small way, doing something meaningful and passing the baton of life.

Over the past year many people have given us their love and support. Even when we couldn't sufficiently respond, we continued to receive deep, unconditional, love. [if !supportLineBreakNewLine] [endif]

Now the smiles have returned to our faces because of you. We truly appreciate you and bow our heads with grateful hearts. Humans live in connection.

I may never become such a splendid person, but am determined to contribute to the life struggles of each person that I meet. Let's make a society where we defend the small lives of those born to us, the smiles of families overflow, and we nurture small happiness. May the feeling of responsibility and sense of purpose be the foundation of our times.

Following the great disaster so many people suffered far more than me, but now I realize that I couldn't understand their suffering. That may be our limitations as humans, but let's live life to its fullest!

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