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Mindfulness and Responsibility

Heartfulness begins with mindfulness and extends into other ways of being, embracing vulnerability, humility, acceptance and authenticity. Realizing our connectedness with others leads to empathy, deep listening, and respect. We become compassionate persons and responsible citizens acting to eliminate suffering in self and others and in the world.

Heartfulness is compassionate mindfulness in which the awareness of being connected to the self, perhaps a Higher Self and with everything and everyone makes us hate injustice and moves us to do things for others because their welfare is our concern.

I believe that mindfulness is more than "I, me, mine" and is compassion and responsibility.

"If the fruit of practice is not to respond to the world, if it just remains in response to your own needs, 'Me' is all you are seeing: 'I want to feel better. I want to feel more like a spiritual person. I want to be seen as right. But I don’t want to be responsible for the world that I’m in.' Then you haven’t yet woken up." (from Radical Dharma: Talking Race, Love, and Liberation)

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