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「自分の内なる心の声を聴くこと。傷つきやすさを受け容れること。初心の大切さ。人との心のつながりを感じること ― 日本の精神文化の美しさや智慧と米国の最先端の取り組みの大胆さの双方の橋渡しをなさる重松先生が、お祖母様をはじめ何世代にわたる重松家の教えを継承し、日米の両方で長い心の探求の旅を経て得た唯一無二の学びを分かちくださるこの本を読むことは、それ自体が余韻の深いショートフィルムを観るようなハートフルな読書体験でした。毎朝一編ずつ、繰り返し読みながら、長い人生の中でずっとつきあっていきたい本です。」

“Acceptance of vulnerability. The importance of beginner’s mind. Listening to your inner voice. Feeling a heartfelt connection with others - Dr. Shigematsu, who builds a bridge between the beautiful wisdom of Japanese spiritual culture and the bold interdisciplinary study of the US, gives the readers the one and only learnings derived from his long journey of spiritual exploration in two countries including the Shigematsu family’s teachings such as his grandmother’s stories.

Reading this book in itself gave me a mindful and a heartfelt reading experience like watching short films which reverberations remain in my heart deeply. It's a book I want to read every morning, one story at a time, over and over again as a companion of my life.”

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