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円覚寺の横田老師との忘れられない出会い Meeting Yokota Roshi of Enkakuji





Four years ago I had an unforgettable meeting with Roshi Nanrei Yokota of Enkakuji Temple in Kamakura at the Zen 2.0 conference. I was part of a panel with him and Issho Fujita. Yokota sensei had read my book, The Stanford University Mindfulness Classroom, and asked me, "Where did you study Zen?" I answered in a way that is only humorous if you understand Japanese, "Zen wa zen zen benkyou site Inai." "Zen zen" means not at all. He thought it was funny and we enjoyed our conversation so much that I was encouraged to study Zen, starting by visiting his temple. I later took part in Zen training and trained monks in psychology, which is another story.

Yokota Roshi wrote a blog about my new book, Heartfulness: Stanford Psychology Course (in Japanese)

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