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もっと愛せるようになるYou learn to love more

A foundation of my work is the transformative power of experiencing vulnerability. It's simply openness and willingness to be affected by what you are encountering--you don't have to spill your guts and expose all your mistakes, faults, and failures. To me vulnerability is sharing what I'm learning from living.

Sometimes our memories are awakened unexpectedly, as when I was reminded of what it's like to lose a loved pet while watching the Japanese film "Haw". The young man whose dog disappeared some time ago is with a girl whose cat has just died. She wants to know when the pain will stop. But he tells her, "Grief doesn't disappear; you just learn to put it away sometimes." Hearing this, the girl cries out, "Living is so hard!" When the dog miraculously returns, he makes the ultimate sacrifice of giving his beloved dog to a little boy who needs the dog's love. He discovers that he has become more compassionate from his experience of loving and losing.

The lesson for me is that while life goes on you don't forget lost love or get over it. You remember and learn to love more.






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