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Contemplative Mind in Society

   An Association for Contemplative Mind in Higher Education Webinar


In this webinar, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu discusses his work designing programs for mindfulness, compassion, and transformational leadership for self and society. He also discusses the design of community building and healing spaces through diverse sources of knowledge.

Please exercise caution with this meditation in the following conditions:

Currently have symptoms of depression; unstable emotions; suicidal thoughts; strong traumatic memories; on medications for mental illness; history of schizophrenia



Masahiro Fujino, Yoshiyuki Ueda, Vimala Inoue, Jet G. Sanders, Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu, and, Michio Nomura. (2019). Development of Instructions of Short-Term Focused Attention, Insight, and Compassion Meditation for Use in Psychological Experiments. Japanese Journal of Mindfulness, 4(1), 10-33.

Focused attention
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Guided Meditations


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