Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu


Exploring the power of Heartfulness as a way of making peace in ourselves and the world

Current Workshops


Heartful Life

Beginning with the most basic question, "Who am I?" we explore how to design a good life of fulfillment in love and work. Heartfulness teaches us to be vulnerable and humble, grateful and respectful, and discover our authentic selves, connect to others, and become whole. 

Heartful Career

How we can find the best career path, the right livelihood, and derive the greatest satisfaction from the work we do? Heartfulness is a way of balancing idealism and realism, developing emotionally intelligent leadership in all of us, and bringing out the best in ourselves and others. 

Heartful Youth

Individuals begin developing confidence, compassion and self-awareness from a young age which continues through adolesence. Heartfulness can guide children and families through difficult life challenges by encouraging relationship-building interaction and emotional maturity.

Heartful Community

Building just communities where there is equity and unity amidst diversity is a great challenge locally and in our rapidly globalizing world. Heartfulness help us to realize our radical inter-connectedness and moves us to compassionate, responsible action in creating inclusive communities that cross borders between "us" and "them."  

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"There is nothing cold, analytical, or unfeeling about it. The overall tenor is mindfulness practice is gentle, appreciative, and nurturing. Another way to think of it would be 'heartfulness.'"


- Jon Kabat-Zinn

Counseling Services

Stephen's counseling is based on decades of training and life experience. He specializes in a number of areas including multiculturalism, global lifestyles, multiethnicity, family dynamics and diversity.


Contact Stephen to learn more about his available services.

About Stephen Murphy-Shigematsu 


Dr. Murphy-Shigematsu received a doctorate in psychology from Harvard University, was professor at The University of Tokyo and consulting professor at Stanford University, Temple University and Fielding University.


A native of Japan, he integrates Eastern and Western ways of knowing in gentle, compassionate, and mindful healing practices. President of Nichibei Care, he consults on diversity, leadership, and community building.


Co-founder of LifeWorks at  Stanford, an integration of contemplative practice, creative expression, and transformative learning, Dr. Murphy-Shigematsu conducts similar programs for youth, parents, teachers, and organizations.


He designs educational spaces, using storytelling for whole student learning and mindful citizenship. His keynote speeches, seminars, and workshops are given internationally at conferences, events, and schools.


Author of books, articles, and essays in Japanese and English, Dr. Murphy-Shigematsu writes about multicultural perspectives on mindfulness, identity, and citizenship. His stories of healing and human development have been hailed as “beautifully written, deeply moving, and groundbreaking.”


His writing bridges genres and is accessible to a wide audience in journals and online publications, including this site's blog and for Psychology Today.