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Stanford University

For the past 20 years Stanford University has been the base of his teaching and research as a scholar-practitioner in diverse fields. His classroom is a lab where transformative learning is designed and developed as healing community. He has designed and conducted 18 original courses, numerous academic programs, and collaborated with artists and scientists in the university and community. The fruits of his labor are manifest in the lives of students whose personal growth contributes to the transformation of societies around the world.

Heartfulness Lab

Exploring the power of heartfulness as a guiding light in living a good life, we create and implement programs designed to promote transformative learning in community at Stanford and in the wider world. We offer courses, workshops, and internships on heartfulness for students and interested people outside the university. Our students train and practice as teachers of our global programs. Our research is published in books, articles, and blogs.

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Center for Comparative Studies in Race and Ethnicity

Stanford Journal of Asian American Studies

Executive Editor and Faculty Advisor


Center for Asian Health Research and Education

Engaged in projects that promote research and education about Asian and Asian American mental health and well being through the integration of Asian spiritual and medical traditions with current science, arts and humanities. 

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Mental Health: Coming Alive Through 3 Vital Connections


Celebrating Asian Grandmothers

Ethnicity and Medicine: Asian Cultural Narratives


Co-founder of the LifeWorks program for integrative learning that fosters the growth of “whole students,” cultivating their ability to live boldly, reflectively, and responsibly.  Our courses and workshops integrate scholarship, creative expression and embodied practices such as mindfulness and self reflection to help students connect their academic work with their core values and goals.  LifeWorks students gain a strong sense of personal and collective identity, and deepen those capacities--including courage, resilience, and compassion--that will help them contribute to an increasingly interdependent world.

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